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 Non-stick solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications that require superior release, dimensional and thermal stability and can withstand the most demanding requirements and rigorous operating conditions. The non-stick properties are retained over a full range of temperatures up to 260°C / 500F.
  ·  Non-stick, easy release
  ·  Excellent thermal stability with maximum continous use temperature of 260°C / 500F
  ·  PTFE surfaces are unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and are chemically inert
  ·  Easy to clean
  ·  Non-toxic and food compliant
  ·  Very low surface friction and easy slide properties
  ·  Mechanically and dimensionally stable
  ·  Excellent heat transfer which also allows low energy consumption
  ·  Different thicknesses and PTFE levels available - starting from porous grade for air flow to extra high level of PTFE coating for ultra smooth finish and high dielectric strength
  ·  Antistatic version for static dissipation and tear resistant coating for creases resistance
  ·  Available on Glass, Kevlar and Nomex greige
  ·  Products offered as open mesh for free air circulation
  *PTFE Fabrics are also known as 3Tflon Fabrics. 3Tflon is a registered Trade mark of DUP

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